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Jim & Jamie Sheils

Passive Income Playbook

Passive Income Playbook
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Learn how to leverage Build-to-Rent Real Estate to buy back your time and create yourself a Legendary Family Life

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Jim & Jamie Sheils

Passive Income

Active Freedom

“We built a highly successful real estate company because we’re driven by one goal: Make the most of the 18 summers we have with each of our children. When they’re grown, they have their own lives. The time to enjoy family is now, and we can show you how.”

-Jim & Jamie Sheils

Jim and Jamie Sheils, Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling authors and leaders in promoting the harmonious blend of entrepreneurship and family life, have completed $300 million in deals through Southern Impression Homes.

Jim, a seasoned real estate investor with 2,000+ acquisitions, brings his expertise while Jamie contributes her background in alternative education.

Together, they co-authored “The Family Board Meeting”, showcasing their innovative approach to parenting. Their talks, rooted in personal experiences and professional insights, inspire others to achieve business success while building strong family connections.

Jim and Jamie actively engage in charitable endeavors, reflecting their commitment to community service.

Chris Funk
“Jim and Jamie have been partners since the start of my Build-To-Rent venture almost a decade ago. This book is an irreplaceable story and guide to how you can achieve passive income through a real estate niche that I wish I discovered many years earlier.”

Chris Funk
CEO, Southern Impression Homes
Mike Koenigs
“What’s the fastest way to create total financial freedom, generate passive income and create more memories with your family and the people who matter most, it’s Build-to-Rent real estate. The Passive Income Playbook is a step-by-step system anyone can follow. ”

Mike Koenigs
18x Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur
Jim Dahle
“Jim & Jamie help White Coat Investors find new construction turnkey homes that they want to invest in. There’s a whole lot of different ways to invest in real estate, and everybody’s kind of got to find their place on the spectrum. Some people like to keep it very, very passive. The nice thing about a new construction turnkey home is that it’s kind of in the middle of the spectrum. It allows people to get all the benefits of completely owning the home, while keeping the ownership as passive as possible. Let’s be honest doctors are busy so a new construction turnkey option is a great solution for many of them.”

Jim Dahle
White Coat Investor

What we share with you

Unlock Financial Freedom and Strengthen Family Bonds

In “The Passive Income Playbook”, Jim and Jamie Sheils offer a revolutionary approach to financial freedom and family connections. Drawing from their expertise in passive income through unique real estate investments, they provide a clear, actionable strategy that transcends conventional financial advice.

This playbook demystifies passive income, emphasizing the importance of creating the freedom to cherish life’s precious moments with family. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just starting, it equips you with tools to build a sustainable income stream, offering practical steps and insightful anecdotes and step-by-step case studies you can model in your own life.

More than a financial guide, it’s a blueprint for a life where work serves your family. Join the Sheils on this journey as they guide you in turning passive income into a reality, ensuring your family’s future is not only secure but also filled with vibrant connections resulting from quality time together.

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+ More bonuses to start you off on your Passive Income – Active Freedom Journey!
  • The Family Board Meeting – How to Create a Legendary Family Life with Your Children
  • Active Freedom, Passive Income Lifestyle Masterclass
  • A Step-By-Step Passive Income Blueprint
The Family Board Meeting
The Family Board Meeting

Jim & Jamie co-authored the Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling book, “The Family Board Meeting”, showcasing their innovative approach to parenting and family life.

Jim Sheils - Passive Income Masterclass & Transcript
Jim Sheils Passive Income Masterclass & Transcript

Jim Sheils, with over 20 years in real estate, has a track record of more than 2,000 property acquisitions and rehabs and deals exceeding $300 million. Starting in Bakersfield, CA, he expanded his operations to Florida In 2022, Jim’s expertise and success led him to become a full partner at Southern lmpression Homes.

His approach in real estate isn’t just about transactional success; it’s about strategic growth and building lasting relationships. Jim’s ability to generate passive income through real estate investments has not only established him as a professional authority but also allowed him the freedom to engage in family adventures and support charitable causes.

We are helping others achieve the freedom we created for ourselves through passive income!
What we achieved for our investors
What We Achieved

We are creating a big family too

Jim Sheils
Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton / Build-To-Rent Portfolio
$2,650,000 equity increase in 5 years
$21,200 Estimated Montlhy Cashflow

“Jim and Jamie’s Passive Income Playbook has changed our life for the better. The real estate investments we’ve made through their build-to-rent program has accelerated our passive income to help give us the space to enjoy our family lives to the fullest. Absolute game changers and some of my favorite people to work with.”

David Phelps & Dentist Investor Network Portfolio
$2,300,000 equity increase in 3 years
$9,350 Estimated Montlhy Cashflow
Portfolio includes: Duplexes, Quads

“I was so impressed not only did I invest twice, I had friends and family invest.”

David Phelps
Don Wenner
Don Wenner / Institutional Investor
$4 Billion Assets Under Management
$40,000,000 Invested in Southern Impression Homes Deals

“My company has invested over $40 million into real estate deals with Jim’s Team and has had great success. I also consider him one of my top advisors when it comes to living a legendary family life. He’s a crowd favorite at our annual event.”

David & Gina Nelson
Equity Increase: $656K in 3 years
Monthly Cash Flow: $4,050

“If you pull the trigger now, you can start getting the tax benefits now and counting appreciation. That’s what we finally did and now we’re going to set ourselves up to be completely independent going forward.”

David & Gina Nelson
Tom Tousigmant
Tom in his private airplane, financed by his rental properties!
Equity Increase: $1M in 4 years
Monthly Cash Flow: $11,400

“I just want boring stuff that doesn’t take up my time. New construction has been really good and didn’t create a second job for me. And that’s as important as the financial returns. It’s a really exciting, boring investment!”

Tom Tousignant
Amina Goodwin
Equity Increase: $638K in 2 years
Monthly Cash Flow: $8,000+
“Don’t hesitate, jump in. You just need to start.”

Immigrated to America. Became a doctor in NYC. Wanted to supplement her income.

Amina Goodwin
Keith Cunningham

“I have known and worked with Jim Sheils for the last eight years. When I first met him, he was working to make ends meet. Through perseverance, a great partnership, and shrewd investments, he is successful and still growing. His business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with him.”

Keith Cunningham, KJC Investments

We believe so much in family and making the most of the 18 summers you have with your kids that we created 18 summers and also wrote a Wall street journal best-seller, “the family board meeting”. We want every parent to have the ability to create a legendary family life!

Jim and Jamie - Gallery
Dr. Shefali Tsabary

“We’ve forgotten how to do one-on-one connection and that’s their pervasive goal – to bring everybody back to that face and eye presence and connection.”

— Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and Acclaimed Author
Hal Elrod

“With each Family Board Meeting we have, the experiences, conversations and memories we’ve shared continue to deepen our connections and enhance our communication.”

— Hal Elrod, Author, “The Miracle Morning”
Tim Storey

Jim and Jamie Sheils are helping to build structure in families, and – if you’re having a setback in your family – they can definitely help you.”

— Tim Storey, Acclaimed Author, Speaker and Life Coach
Passive Income Playbook

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